How Dande Works

Post things that you want to purchase. It's FREE to post items!*

* ( Some items such as illegal items and firearms are prohibited ).

Dande is "buying in reverse", and nothing on the site is for sale. Buyers list the things they want to buy for the prices they want to pay and the sellers come to them with offers. The buyer will list the condition of the item that's acceptable, along with a total price (with shipping) that they are willing to pay. If a seller has that item and wants to sell it, they can submit their item for the buyer to review. The seller can also state the price they want. The buyer can accept, reject, or counter that price.

Dande is designed to:
1) Save buyers time in searching for the items they want, by having seller(s) approach them.
2) Allow people to browse the site for items they own and could sell to buyers.

In many cases, things that might have sold for $1.00 at a yard sale might be worth much more to the right buyer. Sellers will also know that they have a potential buyer waiting, and buyers will need to respond quickly since a seller can offer the same item to multiple buyers at the same time.

When a buyer accepts a seller's offer, the buyer then pays for the item through Dande, and the seller is charged a commission fee.

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